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 Week 2 - OPEN thread

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Week 2 - OPEN thread Empty
PostSubject: Week 2 - OPEN thread   Week 2 - OPEN thread I_icon_minitimeWed Jan 14, 2015 9:21 pm

Week 2 - OPEN thread 2i9t9ox


Week 1 has unexpectedly finished sooner than we anticipated, great job getting your games in everyone. Since all games are played there was no reason to sit and wait until Friday. However I am not going to rush anyone to get this weeks slate of games in. We are ahead of schedule and the deadline for this weeks advancement will be Sunday as planned. That will give you all at most three full days to find time to play, I have a feeling we might be up for another early advance tho.

A few issues have popped up during our week 1 games. The biggest being the Bills owner quitting mid match due to the game simply not going in his favor. Obviously this is highly discouraged and he was booted immediately. As I mentioned in last weeks posting this is just a game, if you can not handle taking a loss and playing by our rules you WILL be booted... I don't care who are you. A new owner who was involved in earlier confusion with his application took over the Bills already.

Outside of that no major rule violations - to my knowledge - occurred. We had a few things where users would abuse a certain styles of play or made a mistake with something simple. After clarifying the issues with those owners we don't expect to have anymore problems going forward.

I would like to take a moment and talk about sliders. We have been keeping up with what everyone has been saying and honestly its hard to gauge where were at. The popular opinion seems to be split right down the middle... some of you say its realistic and wouldn't change anything, others say the passing and defensive reaction is just to damn hard. The stats of week 1 are also a mixed bag.. some games were out of hand with INTS and others were normal. When it comes down to it right now I believe if you make the right reads you wont have issue. Again we will proceed forward with an open mind but for this week were going to keep things the same.

Thanks for the great start to the league everyone! I can tell we have a great bunch of people involved here, good luck this week.


Game of the Week

Week 2 - OPEN thread Aax5h

Bennyboy has been bragging up Rookie QB Blake Bortles with reason, he was 25 for 34 for 426 yards and 2tds, 1int week one of the regular season. Along with a solid running game and a defense that forced two turnovers the Jaguars are looking to prove themselves in our league. On the other end, the good old Redskins stunk it up and look to rebound after a terrible game passing the ball last week. Owner Jeff isn't no slouch and undoubtedly will bring it hard this week.

Prediction: 24-17 Jaguars


CPU matchups approved against the following teams

  • Bills - new owners internet speeds are unstable, tech coming to fix it next week


Please do review the league rules so we have minimal issues:

Don't forget you can use the forum below to schedule games

Use the following topic below to find further contact info


Frequently asked questions

I have a CPU match week 1, can I play?
Look up above this post, unless I noted otherwise you are allowed to play. Please note we do have rules when playing against the CPU mainly regarding stat padding and running up the score, view

I can't get in touch with my opponent to schedule a game, now what?
First of all make sure you have gone through all the appropriate contact actions; posting your match on our scheduling area, texting, groupme and psn messaging. If that fails let the staff know and we will put your opponent on autopilot so you can play the CPU. We will only put them on autopilot the day of an advance to give them enough time to fail to respond.

My opponent said they can't play the match this week, what do I do?
Contact myself, zIgnorance or x--Nike and we will put them on autopilot and you can play the CPU.

What if my opponent and I can't agree on a match time?
You have two options here, the first is to have your game simulated. Or the second keep on negotiating and if you cant come to an agreement contact the staff we will decide for you.

My match is scheduled for 8:30est friday and it says we advance at 9est should I play?
Yes go ahead and play it, we will wait for your match to finish. However we won't know if your playing unless you inform myself, zIgnorance-_ or x--Nike.

My opponent is playing breaking rules, playing cheesey or rage quit on me, what do I do?
If you see your opponent break one of our league rules pause the game and contact them. They might be unaware of a particular rule since we are all new here. If your opponent is playing cheesey or continues to break rules please finish your match out. Also you have a share button on your controller, please make use of it to record and save footage. After your game is done contact myself, zIgnorance-_ or x--Nike and we will handle the situation. If you have the chance during gameplay you can contact us as well, remember if I fail to respond try messaging Zig/Nike. If your opponent rage quits during your match you will be allowed to play the CPU on autopilot... again let us know so we can set that up.

Have have a problem that isn't listed here...
Once again contact us! We can not read your mind if you don't let us know we cant help.

Season 1: 0-0

Week 2 - OPEN thread 2469agn
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Week 2 - OPEN thread
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