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PostSubject: League Rules (MUST UNDERSTAND)   League Rules (MUST UNDERSTAND) I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 29, 2012 10:45 pm

*Nothing to crazy here, just keep it sim!*

We are a "sim" league for Madden 15 on PlayStation 4. That means all of our games should try to replicate real NFL football to the best of your abilities. We ask you keep that in the back of your mind, the majority of this is just common sense if you have ever watched or played the sport. We are not going overboard like a lot of leagues do and expect you to read and understand the following.

Our league will NOT tolerate any users who break the following rules, we all have share buttons, if you have a complaint make sure you record evidence to provide to the staff or else your accusations will be dismissed and discredited.

Basic Game Settings

    Difficulty: All Madden
    Quarter Length: 9 mins
    Game Speed: Slow
    Accel Clock: 20 sec
    Custom Sliders

1.0 Play Calling

    - Try to keep a balanced pass/run AND man/blitz/zone coverage ratio
    (On offense during any and all games you are to maintain a 70/30 pass/run ratio. While on defense we ask that you keep a 70/30 man/zone or vice versa.)
    - Mix up your formations as much as possible
    (You are expected to make use of all the different formations and calls in your playbook like a real NFL team would. Heavily favoring one formation all match long will be punishable.)
    - Avoid running the same plays all game long
    (Everyone has money plays that work on both sides of the ball and that is absolutely ok. However for example only running slants, power o runs or a cover 3 zone all match is unrealistic and considered abusive.)
    - Do not abuse the pistol formation
    (The pistol formation is limited to a total of 6 read option plays, this includes qb wraps. At not times should the pistol be the focal point of your rushing attempts.)
    - The goal line formation is only to be used at your opponents 5 yard line
    (There are no exceptions to this rule and if used anywhere else on the field no matter the down or distance you will be punished.)
    - You may only attempt an onside kick during the fourth quarter
    (If you are down by 21 or more points you may attempt an onside kick at any point in the fourth quarter. Inside of the two minute warning you are free to onside kick regardless of the score.)

1.1 Pre-Snap

    - On defense you are only allowed to user 1 player 3 yards away from the line
    (You may NOT user a safety or linebacker all the way on the defensive line pre-snap. They must remain at least 3 yards back from the line of scrimmage at all times. Furthermore only one player is allowed to be user controlled into that position.)
    - You must have at least 3 defensive linemen rushing the entire game
    (There is no scenario where you should be audibling defensive linemen back into coverage unless it is part of your designed defensive playcall. As a general rule you are also to have at all times three defensive linemen rushing the quarterback.)
    - Avoid excessive hot route calling on offense
    (You may be the next Peyton Manning however do not go overboard. As a general rule you should not be going into each play you run calling hot routes. If it gets to a point where it is excessive and you are reliant upon it for your offense to function, you will be punished.)
    - Allow any motioned players to get set before your snap
    (For example, if you motion a WR from the right side of the line to the left you must wait until he has reached a standing stance before you are to snap the ball.)
    - Line drive punts are NOT allowed in our league
    (Unless you are attempting to pin your opponent inside the 10 yard line from a reasonable and manageable distance line drive punting is not to be attempted.)
    - You may not run down the play clock until after the 2 minute warning in either half
    (Once you reach the two minute warning and you feel like you rather run down the clock it is totally up to you. Real life NFL teams make use of this strategy frequently and we allow it as well.)
    - You may not use the chew clock option until the 2 minute warning in 2nd or 4th quarter
    (The exception to this rule would be using the chew clock option if you are winning the game by more than 21 in the 4th quarter or by 28+ at any point in the 3rd.)

1.2 Fourth Down Rules

    - During the 1st and 2nd quarter you are not allowed to go for it
    (The only acceptable situation would be a final second hail mary attempt.)
    - If your up by 14 or more points you are not allowed to go for it
    (This applies during any point of the match.)
    - If your losing by 17 or more points during the 3rd quarter you may go for it
    (However do not go for it on ridiculous situations like 4th and 10 from your own 30 yard line.)
    - [color=orange]If you are tied in the 3rd quarter you may go for it
    (Only if you are on the fifty yard line or in your opponents territory.)
    - If you are losing by 3 or more points in the 4th quarter you may go for it
    (The down and distance does not matter in this situation.)
    - If you are ahead by 3 or more points in the 4th quarter you may go for it
    (You must be past the opponents 45 yard line and it must be 2 yards or less.)

1.3 No Huddle Offense

    - You may run a no huddle at most once per drive
    (Do not abuse it to take advantage of your opponent frequently.)
    - You may no huddle during the final two minutes of the 2nd and 4th quarters freely
    (For example, right before halftime as you attempt to score or at the end of the 4th quarter.)
    - Other situations involving the no huddle should be sim related
    (For example, if your no huddling while losing by 17 or more points, try to keep it unabusive)

1.4 Miscellaneous Rules

    - Do not stat pad players
    (Everyone will have an unexpected monster game from time to time and that is totally okay. However having an unreasonable statistical performance is considered stat padding. For example your fith rushing touchdown with player X when you have three other running backs on your team is most certainly punishable. Just use your head and ask if it would happen in today's nfl.)
    - QB scrambling should be sim related
    (Unless it is a designed QB scramble or read option play your first mindset should be to pass the ball. If the first thing you are doing is running out of the pocket towards the sideline soon as the ball is snapped you will be punished. Keep all rushing attempts by your quarterback minimal and sim related.)
    - You may not drop back 10 yards or more in the pocket with your QB
    (Dropping back 10 yards or more with your QB while you scan for a open receiver is not realistic plus and all it does is cheat the game by giving the WR's to much time to break off routes along with creating unrealistic time in the pocket.)
    - Do not run up the score in a blowout
    (If you are on the winning end in a blowout please do your best to treat your opponent with respect at all times by not running up the score. For example if you are within the two minute warning and near the goaline the last thing you should be doing is passing for another touchdown. We have all been on the good and bad sides of a game, ask yourself before you act if you would appreciate the same being done to you.)
    - Avoid cheesing and lobby style play
    (Please treat each and everything you do in our league as if a real NFL team would. If you are intentionally running plays that could be considered "cheese" by the madden community you will be punished.)
    - No team is to have a WR/OL set as a TE or a RB set as a FB
    (We do not allow substituting a wide receiver or offensive linemen in at any point in as a tight end. The same goes for putting in a running back as a fullback. At no point should your rb be attempting a rush rom the fb position. With that being said it is your responsibility to keep your team filled at each position with the minimum amount of required players.)
    - If your opponent pauses the match, you are not to hit "resume" until your opponent is ready
    (If your opponent pauses the game give him or her a chance to get back to the sticks. They could be doing anything from contacting you about an issue or dealing with a family problem. If your waiting period is excessive please contact our staff.)
    - Do not quit a game under any scenario
    (There is no acceptable reason to leave a match. If someone is breaking rules, pause the game and inform your opponent of the infractions and see if you can resolve it between you both. If you still have an issue keep the game paused and contact our staff. Also make use of the share button to record any evidence you may have. If you quit out of rage at any point you are subject to removal from our league.)
    - You may not drop a player into free agency and then resign to get a friendly contract.
    (There is NO reason this should ever be done. If you are unhappy with a players contract you are free to manage your team as you see fit. However releasing and then resigning immediately does nothing but cheat the games system.)
    - Everyone is encouraged to stream all their games during the season
    (During the playoffs streaming is mandatory for the home team. If there is an issue with internet connection speeds the away team is expected to host. If for some reason there is still an issue with connection speeds please inform the staff.)

2.0 Game Disconnects

If a disconnect occurs please contact your opponent and find out what happened from their end. It would be preferred if both users can agree on redoing the game or having one player go on autopilot so the other can play the cpu. If you are still having issues and can not come to a resolve after view the rules below, please contact the staff and we will attempt to make the best possible decision on the match.

    - 1st quarter d/c - users must replay the match
    (Unless it can be proven the user disconnected on purpose.)
    - 2nd quarter d/c - users must replay the match
    (Unless a player was in the lead by 24 or more points.)
    - 3rd quarter d/c - users must replay the match
    (Unless a player was in the lead by 17 or more points.)
    - 4th quarter d/c - whoever was in the lead by 8+ points wins and plays cpu
    (If the score is 7 points or under users must replay the game.)

2.1 Computer Games

If you are scheduled to play the computer that is not a free ticket to do whatever you wish. Please keep it sim and know your game will be analyzed by our staff to make sure you followed the rules below.

    - Do not beat the CPU by more than 35 points
    (If it's 35-0 and your at the 1 opponents yard line punt, there is no excuse we will accept.)
    - Do not score more than 40 points against the cpu
    (This is not a invitation for you to reach 40 points either.)
    - Keep pass/run ratio of at least 60/30
    (CPU matches are not a free ticket to abandon the run or pass.)
    - Avoid stat padding both offensive and defensive players
    (Normal stat padding rules are applied during any CPU matches.)
    - No records should ever be broken against the CPU
    (If your getting to that point bench a player, once again no excuses)

3.0 Complaints Against Users

If you are having an issue with anyone in our league or if you have a complaint about a user after your match please let us know. It is preferred that you keep it private and send the staff a text or private message on the forums. We will issue punishment if we deem it fit and make note of it in our own records.

4.0 Punishment

If action is taken against you it can result in the following

    - Suspensions of players
    - Suspension of owner
    - Removal from the league

4.1 Activity

If you miss two games in a row without notifying the staff with a reasonable explanation you will be booted. Everyone has lives, but we would appreciate it if you can make a forum post daily or stop by the groupme chat. Additionally we have a contact list, it is your responsibility to text your opponent at max 24 hours after advance to schedule your game. If you no show unexpectedly twice during a season you will be booted.

4.2 Position Change

As a general rule you should ask yourself if they are sim and realistic. If you would like to move a certain player such as CB to Safety you are required to post a topic under the position request area on our forums. Some common examples of a change request would be FB to HB and DL to LB. You do not have to request changes for moving intra-positions, for example ROLB to LOLB, or RG to LG.

5.0 Scheduling Games

You must try to get in touch with your opponent the day of advance to set up a date and time for both owners to play. Once you find an agreed upon time, at least one of the owners must post in the shoutbox the date and time the match is expected to be played. With the way our system is set up, we know in advance when the last game of each week will get played and who is a serious and active member of PTSL.

If you do not hear back from your opponent after the first day of the week, then you are to notify the commish or admins that your opponent isn’t responding. If you fail to notify us by the end of a 24 hour period after advance and we are uncertain on your games status you WILL GET SIMMED if you are holding the league back!

6.0 Trading Rules

In order to make a trade, you must post the agreed transaction on our forums in the appropriate category. You will need to follow the listed format in that section to have your traded even considered. From that point the trade committee will evaluate and vote on your trade. Until a ruling is made, no trades are to be sent or accepted on your console.

Additionally we have the following rules related to trades:

    - No trading injured players until they return to the field
    - You are not to trade a rookie you have just drafted until year two
    - No team may be allowed to have more than 10 picks per yearly draft
    - You are not to trade any recently signed free agents
    - You are not to trade a player you have just traded for until they are in season 2 with your team

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