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 Example Scouting Report

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Example Scouting Report Empty
PostSubject: Example Scouting Report   Example Scouting Report I_icon_minitimeWed Aug 28, 2013 4:17 am

This is used to give players advice on other players and in no way is to be used as flagging someone, calling them out, or any other childish act. If there happens to be a problem with an owner during a game, don't quit, simply finish the game and get on the site and message PRE_-CISION-_ or myself and we will take care of it internally.

The Scouting Report should look something similar to this:

This owner ran a west coast offense, liked to run to the right side, and in the endzone loved running play action.

He ran a 4-3, liked to add some pressure, great at mixing man/zone coverage.

Special Teams:
His punter has a boot! His returner is nasty, I found that out the hard way!

(Now again this is just an example to give you some advice should you need it)

Season 1: 0-0
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Example Scouting Report
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