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 Preseason Week 4 - OPEN

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How would you prefer we advanced during the regular season?
Advance: Tuesday, Friday and Sunday at 9est
Preseason Week 4 - OPEN I_vote_lcap93%Preseason Week 4 - OPEN I_vote_rcap
 93% [ 14 ]
Advance: Every three days at 9est
Preseason Week 4 - OPEN I_vote_lcap7%Preseason Week 4 - OPEN I_vote_rcap
 7% [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 15

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PostSubject: Preseason Week 4 - OPEN   Preseason Week 4 - OPEN I_icon_minitimeMon Jan 12, 2015 7:45 pm

Preseason Week 4 - OPEN Mcaj4x
I sent out text messages to all of you who put your phone numbers down on your applications, hopefully that brought you to this thread. If you for some reason did not get a text let me know.


Our league is now full, everyone has accepted invites and is accounted for. Tonight/tomorrow afternoon will be the final hours of the preseason. So far we have not had any complaints or negative feedback at all. One thing I would like to know is if anyone has had any difficulty scheduling a match. Sure its the preseason however were all new here, it would be nice to cut anyone loose who isn't interested before the regular season starts.

Tomorrow it will be critical you check the announcement thread that I link you to, with the start of the regular season I would like to go over a few things.


Some members have mentioned in groupme that set advancement days would be more beneficial to schedule around for the regular season. Below are the options we are looking at:

  • Advancement: Tuesday (9est), Friday (9est) and Sunday (9est)


  • Advancement: Every three days (9est)

Personally I really like the tues, fri and sun schedule. During the weekend the majority of us have more free time than the work/school week to fit games in. However when it comes down to it I would like everyone here to let us know.

I am attaching a poll to this thread, PLEASE VOTE!


Also please do review the league rules so we have minimal issues:

To find the list of owners and contact information:


Frequently asked questions

Can I switch my team?
It depends. After this weekend whoever has not signed up for the league im going to consider them uninterested in playing with us. If a team has an opening then and only then you may switch.

My opponent does not want to play his preseason game but I do.
I will put them on autopilot for you, just message me on PSN: PRE_-CISION-_ or send a text to (914-279-4671). And if I don't reply send a text to Commish zIgnorance-_ (516-974-8369) or Co-Commish x--Nike (561-843-0168)

Do I really have to wait for the trade committee to approve my trade?
Yes you do! No trades are allowed to be made until we approve it.

These sliders suck! I suggest...
If you have any feedback at all on our sliders I WANT TO KNOW! Its going to take a while to get them perfect so please post your feedback.


If you guys have any questions, concerns or feedback let us know below. The Co-Commish and I are very open and are easy to along with.

Season 1: 0-0

Preseason Week 4 - OPEN 2469agn
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Preseason Week 4 - OPEN
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