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 Trade Rules

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PostSubject: Trade Rules   Trade Rules I_icon_minitimeSun Dec 30, 2012 10:04 pm

The Trade Rules below are to expected to be followed with ZERO negative feedback. If you violate a trade rule, you WILL be punished or removed from the league.

Rule #1:
You are only allowed a toal of three trades per season.(This can and probably will changed)

Rule #2:
ALL and I must emphasize ALL trades must go through the leagues Trade Committee  for reasons such as cap hit, unfair trades or trade bullying.

Rule #3:
Post and setup all trades on our website. ZERO trades are allowed on your playstation unless the Trade Committee accepts your trade and gives you the OK to make the move.

You may post the trade.

However we must REVIEW the trade and APPROVE of it before you send any players.

Rule #4
ZERO trades allowed with the CPU, no ifs, ands or buts about it.

Rule #5:
Take into consideration player age, cap hit, conract length or anything else along those lines. This is your team and you should be running it for the future and beyond like a real NFL club.

Trade Example :

Redskins Send
QB Kirk Cousins 77 OVR AGE 25
Salary: 1.5 M Cap Hit : .5 M YRS Left: 3

Rams Send
2015 3rd Round pick

If trades get out of hand (hoping they will not), we will have no other option but to put together a "NO TRADE LIST". IF YOU FAIL TO FOLLOW THE EXAMPLE TEMPLATE YOUR TRADE WILL BE AUTO REJECTED.

Season 1: 0-0
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Trade Rules
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